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Just in time for the Christmas Season :)

I am hosting my first giveaway. Well, prize is a signed copy of my book and a gift pack. I will handle the shipping fee for the lucky winner.

No worries, the mechanics is merely following, liking, posting and tweeting about this giveaway.

Also, do spread the good word! Everyone likes a free book, yeah?

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Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


Sabi mo ‘di ako seryoso.

Hindi ka naman namin niloloko.

Ikaw kaya ang umupo sa puwesto ko

Nang malaman mo ang hirap nito.


Sabi mo ‘di ako seryoso.

Tila wala na kaming ginawang matino.

Masyado na nga kaming mabait,

Kalayaan pa nami’y pinagkait.


Sabi mo ‘di ako seryoso.

Sana alam mo kung gaano kahirap ito.

Ayaw ko nang makinig sa iyo.

‘Di rin naman kasi seryoso ang supporta mo.



12/16/14 8:34 pm

Sulat pa more!

Hindi naman sa ayaw ko nang magsulat, medyo umay na ako. Puro pagsusulat ang mga requirements namin: katatapos lang ng Case Analysis, kasalukuyang ginagawa ang thesis, kasalukuyang EIC ako ngayon at ang output sa Rizal, pagsusulat ulit. Too much formal writing may kill you, lol.

Nami-miss ko lang siguro gumawa ng kuwento. Hindi ma-stretch imagination ko. Sayang mga ideya, kagabi nga lang, bago matulog parang may pelikulang binuo utak ko. Naghahalo na daydream ko at mga ideyang pang-kuwento. Nananaginip ako ng gising. Tapos, ngayon magpupuyat na naman para sa Chapter I. RAWR.

Kaya ko ito. Kaya ko ito. Kailangan kayanin ko.

New Category and First Overnight for Thesis

I always made it clear that this is a mix of a personal blog(an online diary) and a “formal” blog where I keep archives of my word plays (whether they are stories, poems or simple musings. I saw a lot of blog which are written informally and I sort of want to do that here. Just post and post, catharsis all the way. So I will call my new category “Catharsis”. This part is going to be my online diary, hehe. I’ll post a bit careless and won’t mind grammar that much. Let the grammar nazis die of my potential grammar errors in this category.

I figured out, I am feeling better and less stressed whenever I am able to post something here and let the stress building up to be out in words.

I miss creative writing. Really. Damn. Do.

The last time I wrote creatively was Mid-November for my NaNoWriMo entry but I failed to end it. I am pretty excited with its plot, it’s about boarding school, school politics and looooooove.

Also, last week it occurred to me that I should be starting “The Last Time”, the last book in the series of “My Firsts With Him”. But we are starting out thesis, I am the current EIC and bah, school work and requirements all the while. Mix well and add 7 am – 7 pm class. BOOM!

And now, I am copyreading our Pol Gov case analysi. I am up for Chapter I writing later. LET’S FREAKING DO THIS!

I am outside home in my classmate’s crib. Wish my thesis group luck!

Oir Timacgam

Florencio in publisher

Proyekto sa Rizal, tula para sa taong tinuturing mong isang bayani. Pictures were grabbed from the net and Ma’am Charo’s FB

Aking guro at pangalawang ama

Alay ko sa’yo ang isang tula.

May makakalimot ba, meron ba?

Sa alyas na “Oir Timacgam”?

Mga panulat mong tinula sa entablado

Nagmarka sa aming pagkatao.

Ako’y sadyang nangungulila,

Miss ang mga klase mong kakaiba.

Kung nasaan ka man ngayon,

Alam kong tayo’y magkikita sa takdang panahon.

ememalberts, 9:21 AM 12/13/14

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I am always sick since I was a child. Instead of school, hospital is my second home. My asthma was unpredictable and scary.

I always wondered why my asthma is more intense than everyone else. Well, eventually I learned that some people get lucky, some don’t (like me).

My worst asthma attack (so far) and scary pneumonia experience was Grade 2, I was six or seven years old back then. I wake up in hospital bed, get bored inside the room with 3 other beds in, breathing is pain itself and I just get tired of needles, syrups, nebulizer and pills. My young body is in the face of death due to breathlessness.

Just this week, I experienced an attack close to the intensity stated above. I wasn’t brought to the hospital because of Super typhoon Ruby’s threat. Thankfully, my mom knew how to treat me so she brought me medicine and asked me to rest. I was praying hard so I can feel better. It was the perfect wrong timing. We have our scheduled Prelim exams and we have to pass our third draft of review of related literature. Since our last draft was full of outdated references, we’re like back to zero. BAZOOOOM!

Wednesday, I’m feeling generally better although every cough meant mucus to spit (ewww, I know). Coughing is pain in the chest and in the back. You just get tired of coughing that you want to lie down in bed but you have to wooooooooork because thesis spells g-r-a-d-u-a-t-i-o-n-o-n-t-i-m-e. Nobody wants to change paths that so yeah, go with the freaking flow, sick girl.

I went to school Thursday and Friday. I am not feeling well, it is obvious in the first look so I talked less, walked less and got my Vicks ready just in case my chest starts to tighten again. Thank you ate Chek for gently applying some on my back. ^_^

I was asking God why oh why did He allow me to be sick on such an important week?

The answer is clear (realized it only now).

God: Ang kulit ng batang ‘to! Ayaw magpahinga, magkasakit ka nga!

Me: …

I think this week is a reminder for me that I am no superwoman, and that I should take care of my body. How can He use me for my purpose if I was sick, right? Sometimes, His love can hurt but you’ll always end up satisfied after solving puzzles answered by His signs. Today, I know He wanted to tell me that I am lucky, luckier even because I didn’t wake up in a hospital bed. I got a family that’s ready to take care of me, I got friends who understand my condition and I am still alive.

I am still lucky that despite the difficulty, my lungs are still working and I can still breathe. I am still alive.

And it is His greatest gift to me, LIFE.

(Too lazy to check grammar, sorry)

Something (Really) Big

Merillie Alberto, RPM, MD

That’s the kind of name I will have in the future I say to myself. Grand as it sounds, it will never be easy. RPM is the closest I can have after I graduate my bachelor’s degree. What is an RPM? RPM stands for Psychometrician. A Psychometrician has the power(as the license allows it), to give out objective Psychological tests.

One day, I got to look back at my past blog posts. I was surprised to see how I proudly tell the world before that I will be a doctor someday, a medical doctor, a doctor, a real physician. Wow. Don’t underestimate the power of dreams.

I took Psychology to play it all safe.  Yes, because out of all the Pre-med courses, Psychology looks like it will keep me safe if ever I will not proceed to Med school, at least I can have plenty of other jobs aside from teaching. Psychology is such a flexible field. And I’m here, now a third year student. Oh the end is coming near.

I was distracted by writing. This same semester, I admitted to myself that I want to take Creative Writing, whether it is a bachelor’s degree or master’s. I said I will be writing for the rest of my life and I mean it. I got a lot of plot ideas, works that can change the face of popular literature, works that are ambitious as the writer. Meme as a writer is an entirely different person from the ordinary Meme. She can do a lot of things more than you expect. She can change the world.

But I can’t imagine a life full of writing. I can’t imagine a life full only of writing. Writing all day, every day will drive me nuts.

Ironic, huh?

I figure out I love being busy. I love doing things aside from the things expected from me. I can always do my part as a student (which keeps me busy) but I love writing for the school paper even more (which keeps me busier and gives me the highest level of stress a human could ever handle). Having two things at the same time is just so awesome (referring to Psychology and writing).

I always wanted to sell my Human Anatomy book and my Zoology book from second year. They cost quite a fortune and are good items to sell but I sort of feel that I will need them in the future. Maybe, maybe I will be taking medicine.

Then Comparative Anatomy, the subject is like talking to me. Like it tells me to take her seriously so I think I will. One day, I stood on the library space with all the medicine related books. It’s like seeing a guy for the first time and seeing the future unfold. It’s like “Oh my God, tomorrow I will be dating these books.” I don’t know where I got that. It just popped out of my mind.

So over the past week, I was thinking hard. Will I take Medicine or not?

Taking Medicine will mean another set of four years dedicated to learning. I see it like a bachelor’s degree with double the difficulty and work. I see it as throwing away the supposed to be youthful days for a start of career, Friday nights of gimmicks, the first salary and giving up the search for a potential mate (haha).

But it’s weird because I think I can give it all up for the dream to become a Physician someday. I want to be a Psychiatrist. Maybe, I can do more and take it to a higher level. I will tell it again, I may want to be a doctor. But (got a lot of buts here), this is not a joke. This is not a light decision to make. Entering Med school means I should finish what I started.

I am thinking hard about this, up to now. I just know I will be writing in the future, I will be writing forever but Medicine? Not so sure yet.

But maybe, I can help those who got their enemy’s up to their mind. Like the schizophrenics. People face a lot of things and things are way tougher for them because the enemy is on their mind. I would be glad to help them end those nightmares, if not end at least lessen them.

If I will evaluate myself, I think I got the brains, the traits that will make someone fit to be a MD but there’s one thing I should be sure of before everything else – the will.

The will to become a doctor, the desire to be one is the most important factor here because it’s not going to be easy. Being a doctor after all is not about the honor, pride and salary. It’s about service and sacrifice. So I should be sure that I really want it before I start dreaming about it.


(Too lazy to check grammar, sorry)